What is Psychological Testing?

What is Psychological Testing and Who is it for?

If psychological testing has been recommended to you by a doctor, teacher, family member, or therapist, you may be wondering what is it? Psychological testing may sound confusing and overwhelming, but it is a way to provide diagnostic clarity and to help guide treatment.

Testing and assessment are objective ways to accurately measure an individual’s intellectual, attention, memory and learning abilities and functioning.

The underlying cause of problems isn’t always clear and this is where testing comes in;  Take for example, if you are having trouble in school, this could be the result of a reading problem, such as dyslexia, an attention problem such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or an emotional difficulty. Psychological tests and assessments provide practitioners with data that helps them understand the nature of the problem, as well as ways and recommendations on how to best address them.

Testing may be beneficial if you are struggling at work or school or in interpersonal relationships. Assessment measures help psychologists understand and diagnose: psychological disorders, attention difficulties, or personality traits that are interfering with your optimal functioning.

Okay, I would like to see if testing is right for me, what is the next step? 

The first step to psychological testing is completing a free 15-minute phone consultation with the Director of the MPS PLLC testing department, Dr. Allison Godwin. Once the interview is completed, Dr. Godwin will decide if our testing services are right for you.

If you are recommended to complete an evaluation, testing consists of a comprehensive clinical interview to gather relevant background information and based on your specific struggles and concerns, specific testing instruments will be selected to provide a comprehensive understanding of your symptoms.

Testing can range between 4-6 hours. After testing is completed, a report will be written that includes results and recommendations and a feedback session will be scheduled with an MPS clinician to review the assessment results.

Learn more about our psychological assessment & evaluation services here.

Read more at: https://www.apa.org/topics/testing-assessment-measurement/understanding

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